Is French regulation about pesticides efficient ?

    I wrote this article because I watched a documentary about pesticides in France and in Spain.

Nowadays, France prohibits some pesticides which are too toxic for farmers, for wildlife, for the environment or for the consumers of the contaminated products. Anyway, despite this interdiction, some French farmers go to buy these dangerous products in Spain where they are allowed. They keep on buying these pesticides because they are the only ones which are efficient to fight against some nuisances which affect their cultivations.

Unfortunately, after their travel, they come back to France and spread these banned products on their fields.

The French organization which controls the interdiction doesn’t have enough means to fight efficiently against this problem. For example they can’t check the shed where the pesticides are stored in the farm because they are not allowed to check the farmer’s house ; therefore the Spanish sellers advice their customers to hide the illegal product in their house. This caper to the control contribute to strengthen the phenomenon.

It is very shocking because the inconsiderate farmers who continue to use it also continue to fall sick ; and it is appalling because we continue to consume poisoned products, those coming from Spain (and not only Spain), and those coming from the inconsiderate farmers.

The hope remains the UE, who could permit to identify and stop everywhere (in Europe) the vending of the dangerous products. Fortunately, the French and European positions are more and more targeted towards the prohibition of pesticides.

But then, how many pesticides, dangerous for us and for nature, are still permitted today ?



  1. Enough to continue to make people sick. And it will go on until the government take the appropriate decisions to condemn all those farmers who continue to use such dangerous products.

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