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The Stern review.

It’s a fact that industrialized countries have left an indelible mark on the environment. Unfortunately, although we are entirely aware of the issue, we keep running for profit.

In this matter, the Stern review has taken a leap forward regarding the impact of our way of life on the environment. By working out the cost of global warming, Nicolas Stern reveals the flaw in our economy.

From now on, no one can ignore the negative impacts of global warming. It is even in the interest of multinational companies to protect the environment. Every government’ priority is economic growth. But at that rate (development of transports, pollution…) the economy is bound to regress instead of progressing.

Thanks to the Stern review, ecology is more likely to be high up on the agenda of decision-makers.

Going further : http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/independent_reviews/stern_review_economics_climate_change/sternreview_index.cfm


In our everyday life, we don’t stop taking decisions which can have an impact on the environment. On a small scale, of course. But like the famous politician and philosopher Edmund Burke used to say : “The biggest error is made by the one who doesn’t make anything because he could only make a little”. In the end, big numbers are a sum of small numbers. Through these lines, we have gathered some examples of small gestures everybody can do, and which could help us to become responsible citizens towards the environment. Nobody should give in : there is a remedy for our blue planet !

Let’s use the bicycle and the public transport ! Every 20000 kilometres gone by car discharge more than three tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The same kilometres realized using public transports decrease surprisingly the proportion of this value by passenger transported. And if you can do them by bike, you will keep in shape ! Of course, using the public transports is not always possible in practice. In Spain, for example, many miles of streets and industrial areas are not served at all by the buses. That is why it is very important that the citizens asked for these services to the local and regional administrations. Starting from that, it is worth wondering if we can do without our car on some travels.

Let’s decrease our CO2 emissions ! Our society is based on the massive use of fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas and coal) which provide us the necessary power to do many things, from driving a car to operating a bomb. Nevertheless, the combustion of these fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide, the gas considerate as the first responsible of the global warming.
Reducing the consumption of fuels is the best way to fight against the climate changes. The website “zero CO2” explains how to make it. Indeed, this website suggests you to calculate how much you emit carbon dioxide in your everyday life according to your consumption habits (that is called the ecological print). “Zero CO2” also proposes practical advice, from the use of low-energy consuming household appliances to an adequate isolation for your house. It is amazing to realize how much you can save energy just by choosing the good program on the washing-machine or on the dishwasher, or just by regulating the heating more precisely according to your needs instead of heating the house all day long whereas you are not in it.

What about you ?
Have you adopted some responsible habits towards the environment ?
Send us your tips !





  1. The decision-makers are effectively those who can improve the situation. The industrialized countries if they’d really wanted should have modify the trends. Thanks to (unfortunately) the latest catastrophies (Tsunami, climate changes) and people like you people seems to wake up ! Thank you

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