Contamination is everywhere. Some statistics showed us that agriculture is one of the main causes of contamination in this world. We think that there would be a lot of things to say about it, that’s why this article will be an introduction.

As we said earlier, agriculture can provoke some serious problems, especially those concerning the quality of aquatics environments. The main sources of contamination are chemical fertilizer, pesticides, streaming, and seepages.

This could be explained by the fact that agriculture is getting more and more industrialized, in developed countries and spread itself in larger superficies. 

But, we think that it is essentially to make clear that farmers know perfectly all those matters, because the soil, is their work tool. And for the most of them, this idea of contamination is on their mind. Contamination is not their goal. It’s really important to consider that, before accusing whoever.




  1. As far as you’re aware of such problems, thank you for informing the farmers you’ll meet during your studies all over the world. Thank you for helping the world’s farmers through your duty of agricultural engineer and protecting our planet.

  2. We can found tow reasons why farmers use chemical fertilizer, pesticides…
    Firs, earth’s population is growing faster and those farmers try to meet the demande by using it. Then, others just wake to make profite and this, even if it would be bad for consumers’ health!
    So as you said, its difficult to accuse someone…

  3. Contamination is everywhere I agree. I don’t accuse farmers, but agriculture’s companies. They also know that their stuff are dangerous, but they sell it well. Fertilizer, pesticides, streaming, and seepages, you already know who sell it!!
    Keep fighting for our earth thx

  4. The world population is more and more numerous and the farmers are obliged to satisfy that important demand. That’s why they generally make the efforts to match their customers’ needs, sacrifying their main « work tool » by using fertilizes, pesticides, and many other chimics products. Nevertheless, they should be sensibilized about these methods that destroy the environment. I’m sure they’re conscious about it, but you know, »business is business » anyway…

  5. This article is very interesting. His author is all right in all points. Contamination is a danger today and from years. So, i agree with this article because the environnement is very agressed and our future is at stake. Thank u so much. continue in this way

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