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My name is Laurène, I’m 20 years old, I’m student at ISTOM  an engineer school in agro development international, located in Cergy (France) near Paris. We are studying a lot of interesting subjects such as : Islam and development, Agronomy, Economy … We have to realise placements in tropical countries each year. In the future , I would like to work in South America first, then I would be happy to move around the world. I’m very interested in sustainable development and agriculture, so we have decided to create a blog about that. I’m member of Greenpeace, I feel very concern about global warming, environmental conservation, renewable energies… Thanks to this blog , I would like to present you ideas to protect environment, to save our planet.

I am Chloé, I come from Arras in the north of France, the most welcoming part of France !!! I am 20 years old. And I study in second years in a agro-tropical college in Cergy, near Paris, where I met my teammates in this blog, this college is named ISTOM. Before ISTOM, I went in university of History, during one years, in Lille (North), in this years I have tried to integrate French political institutes. I have four brother older than me. For my hobbies, I am girl scout since the age of 8, now I am scout as a captain. With scoutism I have done a lot of project with other young people, a lot of camps in France, but also one camp in Poland. And in the summer 2006, always with scouts, I did a project of solidarity, with five others girls in Madagascar where I did activies with poor children, it was a very good experience: the discovery of the country, of the children and Malagasy population, and the fact to do that with very good friends. I like too, to create things in dressmaking !!! In the first year of ISTOM I did a placement in Ireland (where I improved my English !!!), in a farm, It was very good, Ireland is very beautiful.

My name is Muriel. I’m a 21-year-old girl. I’m Cameroonian and I spent a bit more of the half of my life there, and the other part in France. I think that my origins really determined my choices in terms of studies. I’m coming from a poor country, and the idea of making things better has always been in my mind. I can’t and I don’t want to change the world. I?m not Superwoman. Istom is a school linking agriculture and development in the world. People don’t often realize that agriculture is the quasi-exclusive source of our food. The Man invented agriculture and performed his tools and his production. But in some countries, situation hasn’t changed a lot. And that may causes troubles, mostly when people live from their productions. My life would have no sense if I couldn’t do something for those who needs some help. 

My name is Laura, I am 18 years old and I currently study in a school of international agro-developement : the ISTOM.
I entered this school because I want to work in accord with the values I believe in.
I believe in a world of equality and happiness for every human being and I think a harmonious relation to nature is essential to achieve that goal.
Therefore, I made this blog with my friends to promote sustainable development and share my (little) knwoledge about this topic because
to my mind, this way of thinking and acting concerns everybody and nowadays, the Internet is the best way to share opinions with the most people you can.
Then, if YOU think we should share our blue planet in harmony and equality, if YOU trust in sustainable development to give human beings
the best conditions of life without destroying their environment (yes, yes, it’s possible!), let’s have a look at our blog and maybe let us comments !
Sincerely yours,


My name is Anaëlle

I am a French student originated from Southern-West France.

After obtaining my A-level (secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university) in sciences, I decided to start studies related to agriculture.

I find Agriculture burning because it is a human activity closer related with nature, which it implies many skills from farmers to domesticate environment. Agriculture is one of the main issues of the XXIth century because the population pressure is rising and the biodiversity is threatened by our ways of production. The future of Agriculture merits to be gone into details because it is one of the key for a sustainable development which prevents nobody to have a decent life.

You probably know the results of the human beings on the Earth, so the aim of this blog is not only warning you about it but also, talking about the changes which are signs of hope.



  1. Hold on ! Keep on fighting « Green Ladies » ! Don’t quit ! It won’t be easy. But I’m sure, step by step, we’ll build a better, healthier world… at least for the future generations !

  2. Hi there!!
    I think your idea is a great way to show people that we can do something to make this world a bit better. There are so many things about nature and food origins that young people have to know.

    The fast we begin, the fast will care of Earth an healty.
    That’s a real good thing. Hope you’ll reach your goals!

  3. The last development of food crisis all over the world shows that you are far within the heart of the tomorrow life. People will fight to find what to eat at any price. Young ladies you have golden keys in hands.
    Keep pushing, we do support your choice.

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